Venue RecyclingVenue Recycling

Select the venue type that best matches your location.

Street Fairs

Exciting community events can end up producing a high volume of recyclable material. Partnerships and coordinated event management are essential to implementing an effective recycling plan at street fairs and special events.

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Bars & Restaurants

The success of a bar or restaurant relies heavily on a positive public perception.  Recycling can show that a business is environmentally responsible and reacts to consumer preferences.

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Arenas, Stadiums, Convention Centers

These large-scale venues attract massive crowds and produce massive waste.  Various strategies, including pre-event recycling, special programs, and post-event recycling, are key parts of a comprehensive recycling plan.

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Parks, Beaches, Lakes

Parks, beaches, and lakes often offer a sense of environmental stewardship to visitors.  Recycling programs can give people a productive role to play in helping maintain these spaces.

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