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Winhall, Vermont
Population: 775
Bottle Bill: Yes
Funding: General fund
Households Served: 313
Truck Type: NA
Container Type: Four, 40 yard Roll-Off Containers for Recycling
Materials Processing Facility: Dual stream processing
Winhall, Vermont

The Town of Winhall, Vermont is nestled in the heart of the Green Mountain National Forest in southwestern Vermont at the foot of Stratton Mountain. The Town has a relatively small year-round population of 775, which swells to as many as 30,000 during the peak skiing and holiday seasons. The summer population increases significantly as well.

Both residents and property managers, who act as small haulers, can drop off refuse and recycling at the facility. Recyclables are collected in four streams in four separate roll-offs, and then transferred by the Windham Solid Waste District (District) to the District MRF in Brattleboro, about 70 miles away.

Winhall ‘s membership in the District enables the on-call recycling collection service and MRF processing, which is offered to all member towns in this mostly rural region. Recycling is required by users of the Town facility and is enforced by attendants.

The total amount of recyclables collected at the Winhall drop-off in 2007 was 193 tons, and the total refuse collected was 367 tons. This equates to 500 pounds recycled per full time household, and a 53% diversion rate, assuming all households using the transfer station bring recycling and trash.

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