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Stowe, Vermont
Population: 4,339
Bottle Bill: Yes
Collection Method: Subscription program (no municipal collection program)
Funding: Unit Based Pricing
Materials Processing Facility: Single stream processing
Stowe, Vermont

The Town of Stowe is a four season tourist destination with a seasonal skier and summer population and a vibrant year round population. The Town is a member of the Lamoille Regional Solid Waste Management District (District), a municipal union formed under a Charter to manage solid waste generated by residents and businesses located in District municipalities, including Stowe.

The District operates facilities, implements special waste collection programs, performs outreach, and regulates refuse collection to help member Towns in this rural region collect and manage their solid waste and recyclables. This includes operation of the Stowe Transfer Station since 1992. In fiscal year 2009, 565 tons of single stream recyclables were collected from Stowe’s single drop-off location and then transferred to the Chittenden Solid Waste District Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) located about 40 miles away in Williston, Vermont.

The Stowe Transfer Station is a full service drop-off facility available for use by Stowe residents and small businesses as well as any residents from District member towns. In addition to refuse and recycling drop-off, residents can bring construction and demolition debris, scrap metal and appliances, propane tanks, tires, and reusable items. However, the Reuse Center at the Transfer Station has become so popular that the location can no longer handle the visitor traffic.

Users of the Stowe Transfer Station must pay a fee per bag (or per ton) for refuse disposal. The charges are $3.00 per 30-gallon bag of refuse, and 25 and 50 cents respectively for each 15-gallon and 30-gallon container of recyclables. However, the District hopes to raise the per bag fee for refuse to $3.50 and eliminate recycling charges. For larger loads, per ton fees of $125 per ton for refuse and $20 for recycling are charged. This enables property managers to more efficiently bring in loads from multiple seasonal homeowners, as well as creates an economic incentive to deliver material for recycling instead of disposal.

At the Transfer Station, deposit bottles also can be redeemed for the 5 cent deposit through a state certified redemption center set up within the facility. On Sundays, when the redemption center is closed, bottles can be dropped off for donation to local