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Warwick, Rhode Island
Population: 85,925
Bottle Bill: No
Collection Method: Municipal employees
Funding: On property taxes
Households Served: 29,200
Truck Type: Fully automated
Container Type: 64 gallon carts for recycling
Materials Processing Facility: Single stream processing
Warwick, Rhode Island

The City of Warwick changed from manual to automated refuse and recycling collection in 2003. Roughly 29,200 households (living in 1-3 family dwelling units) were provided carts and served by a uniform fleet of automated, side loading Heil body trucks under the new collection service provided by City employees.

Refuse is collected weekly and recycling collected on alternate weeks using two, 64 gallon carts (bottles and cans the first week, and paper the second). Recyclables are delivered to the Rhode Island Resource Recovery dual stream MRF in Johnston, RI about 15 miles from downtown Warwick. The City collected 10,700 tons of recyclable materials curbside from Warwick households last year, averaging over 730 pounds per household served – one of the highest quantities per household of all municipalities in Rhode Island.

Warwick also operates a drop-off recycling center 6 days a week, accepting all curbside recyclables and additional materials such as paint cans, clean wood and textiles.