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Westfield, Massachusetts
Population: 40,160
Bottle Bill: Yes
Collection Method: Municipal employees
Funding: $165 per household annual fee collected quarterly
Households Served: 9,592
Truck Type: Dual side loading, two compartment trucks
Container Type: 20 gallon blue and green bins
Materials Processing Facility: Dual stream processing
Westfield, Massachusetts

The City of Westfield is nestled at the foot of the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts. Westfield is adjacent to the City of Springfield, and roughly 100 miles west from Boston, and 134 miles north from New York City. The City was incorporated in 1920 and has a land area of 46.85 square miles.

Westfield’s recycling program began in 1990, and as of 2009 has removed over 50,000 tons from the City’s waste stream. Currently City employees provide curbside refuse and recycling collection service to all residents in 1-5 family dwelling units. Last year the City collected 5,439 tons of recycling from approximately 9,600 households, or roughly 830 pounds per household served by the program. A City ordinance requires that households recycle.

In 1999, Westfield’s program saw two major changes. First, in July the Public Works Department assumed the operation of the curbside refuse and recycling collection program. Second, the Board of Health adopted regulations to address the recycling needs of the balance of residents that were not served by the City’s collection program (e.g. apartment complexes of 6 or more units, condominiums, mobile home parks and institutions). The regulations require property owners or managers to provide on-site drop-off and storage for all eligible recyclables, and that their private trash haulers provide recycling collection service. Multi-family residents are also encouraged to utilize the recycling drop-off center.

The City has been lucky to receive state grant money. First, a state grant enabled the City to purchase milk carton washers for all elementary schools cutting their weekly trash volume by about 35%. In 2009 the City has also received a grant to retrofit the diesel exhausts on their recycling and trash collection trucks to significantly reduce emissions. Finally the City received a grant for $3000 to help with purchasing larger containers for residents.