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Newton, Massachusetts
Population: 83,271
Bottle Bill: Yes
Collection Method: Contractor
Funding: General Fund
Households Served: 28,500
Truck Type: Automated Side Loading
Container Type: 64 gallon automated single stream carts
Materials Processing Facility: Single stream processing
Newton, Massachusetts

Newton is the 10th largest city in Massachusetts, bordering Boston to the east. Newton has no city center, but is comprised of 13 villages, many of which have their own downtown areas over a land area of 18.2 square miles. Newton was settled in 1630 and incorporated as a city in 1873.

Newton was one of the first cities in Massachusetts to start a drop-off newspaper recycling program in 1971. The next year Newton started bi-monthly voluntary curbside collection of newspaper. In 1975, Newton added glass and cans to the bi-monthly curbside collection. In 1981 a mandatory paper recycling ordinance passed and mandatory recycling of additional materials was adopted by ordinance in 1990. Finally in 2004, Newton created, an online reusable materials exchange. Newton had the first plan in the Commonwealth for waste reduction.

The City provides dual stream collection of recyclables every other week. Last year the City collected roughly 10,747 tons of recyclable material from approximately 28,500 households - more than 700 lbs collected per household served. Newton collects trash and recycling from all 1-5 family units including some condominiums.

In November of 2008, the City began a pilot program for automated trash collection and single stream recycling collection that was completed in April of 2009. Six areas of the City were selected to participate in this six month pilot to test the use of automated trash carts. The result is a city-wide switch to automated refuse and recycling collection planned for October of 2009. Recycling will also change from manual, dual stream collection of bins to single stream cart collection.

When the city-wide program is implemented in October, each residential unit will be allowed to set out one 64-gallon cart of trash per week at no charge. If residents want to use an additional refuse cart or set out more bags of trash, they will pay fees for both. However, there are no plans (at this date) to charge fees for bulk items (at this date) but pickup will need to be scheduled.

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