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Braintree, Massachusetts
Population: 34,422
Bottle Bill: Yes
Collection Method: Contractor
Funding: Enterprise Fund (Flat Fee)
Households Served: 10,000
Truck Type: Side loading, single compartment, compacting
Container Type: Resident supplied 32 gallon container clearly marked
Materials Processing Facility: Single stream processing
Braintree, Massachusetts

The Town of Braintree was incorporated in 1640 and is located just south of Boston. Braintree has a Mayor-Council government and while referred to as a town, it is considered a city under Massachusetts law. Braintree is roughly 14.5 square miles in size, and is considered part of the South Shore of Massachusetts even though it does not have a shoreline.

Braintree began a curbside recycling collection program in the early 1990s. However until 2008, Braintree used a dual stream recycling collection method using 18-gallon bins. In a precedent-setting regional procurement process in 2008, Braintree joined with the neighboring towns of Weymouth and Quincy to release a single Request for Proposal for refuse and recycling collection services. Through the Tri-Town procurement process, all three towns were able to realize tremendous savings through increased purchasing power by increasing the size of their contract. This enabled potential bidders to combine logistics relative to trucks, routing, supervision and manpower. Once the bid was awarded, each community had their own separate service contract with the vendor.

The new service contract included single stream collection. With this change, the Town of Braintree stopped providing 18-gallon recycling bins and asked residents to convert an existing trash can or other container to a recycling container by placing a free recycling sticker on the side. With single stream collection, the Town increased recycling significantly. Last year the new contractor collected 2,238 tons of recycling from approximately 10,000 Braintree households, which equates to roughly 450 pounds per household served.

The Town of Braintree charges a flat fee of $170 per household per year for both curbside refuse and recycling collection.