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The Recycle Together website is a resource for communities and regions to easily find the best ways to implement effective recycling systems.

Recycle Together Resources:

 A report was recently released on access to current recycling programs that was compiled as part of a broad national survey of local recycling officials. Click here to read full report.

The Climate Group’s Recycle Together Platform:

America’s beverage industry and The Climate Group joined forces to form Recycle Together, a powerful new partnership to reinvigorate recycling as one way to reduce climate change and protect the environment.

This new initiative will demonstrate that recycling can play a major role in the fight against climate change while saving valuable resources and energy. The Climate Group will focus on solutions and programs that will get people to recycle more. By focusing on efficient recycling programs that work, then recycling will increase, the materials going into landfills will decrease as will GHG emissions.

Recycle Together members will work together to reach out to city leaders, state leaders and recycling officials to create and promote new approaches to recycling that will dramatically increase its uptake. This powerful partnership of brands and non-profits will also seek to inspire other consumer products companies to join the Recycle Together initiative. With the active participation of all consumer products sectors, America will fully maximize the potential of recycling to protect the environment.

The members of Recycle Together are: The American Beverage Association, The Coca-Cola Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Nestle Waters NA and Pepsi-Cola North America. The American Beverage Association’s recycling initiative, the Full Circle Plan, is the founding member of Recycle Together. The Full Circle Plan is a comprehensive plan launched in the summer of 2008 that is built upon the foundation of its innovation in packaging. Recycle Together beverage companies use 100 percent recyclable containers for their products, furthermore, Recycle Together beverage members continue to innovate design features of their packaging including light-weighting containers and using higher percentages of recycled materials in containers.

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